Three great reasons why you should try travelling alone

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The concept of travelling alone can be a daunting one – especially if you’re scared of being alone.

The list of “what ifs” are endless: what if I get lost or run out of money? What if I don’t make new friends? What if I end up stranded on the other side of the world?

Yet, for all the challenges that solo travel presents, it also holds a kind of giddy delight that is quite unmatched by any other pursuit in life. There’s a great sense of achievement that comes from carving out an adventure for yourself.

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Why is it important to travel alone?

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Yes, setting out on your own might be hard to begin with. But the sense of freedom that comes with travelling alone is absolutely worth it. This is an opportunity to do exactly as you like, without answering to anyone else. It’s your time to feel free – you can gently push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone.

No bickering over where to eat, or feeling resentful because you’ve wasted a whole day by the pool when you’d prefer to be out exploring temples.

And you’ll get to really know yourself, too. Away from the distractions of everyday life, you’ll have time to contemplate who you are and what makes you tick.

How do you build courage to travel alone?

It might be uncomfortable at first to push yourself, but it’s also a rare opportunity to look inwards and gain some perspective on your choices and dreams back home. It’s best to start small, don’t book an epic month-long trip to the other side of the world for your first taste of solo travel. Try a smaller trip, like a weekend city break, for your first outing. You’ll soon find your feet and become more comfortable travelling alone.

When travelling alone for the first time, you’ll find that organisation is key. You’re responsible for knowing where any important documents are as well as what to do if you find yourself in a pickle, so make digital copies and research your destination well. 

If you’re keen to make new friends while travelling alone, take a look at sociable accommodation. Some hostels are surprisingly comfy and you’ll be surrounded by like minded travellers who will be able to show you the travel spots they’ve already discovered or simply offer company while you try out that restaurant that caught your eye.

Digital nomad Monica Houghton of the travel blog FromHereToSunday recently shared her top motivations for travelling alone in a piece for Forbes.

She says flying solo has “hands down offered me the best experiences of my life” – here are a few of her reasons why:

Solo travelling builds confidence

“Even if you’re not fully prepared, stepping out of your comfort zone by travelling somewhere alone will help you gain confidence to take on the world,” says Monica. “Given you’re entering the unknown, it will offer opportunities to learn how to face various types of scenarios.”

You’ll meet new friends

Monica notes that “there is a misconception that solo travel means you’re always alone”. To the contrary, she says, setting out solo leads to “experiences with complete strangers that have a long-lasting impact”.

“Solo travel will automatically throw you into social settings and opportunities to get to know others and other cultures,” she says.

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The sense of freedom is unbeatable

“Solo travel is the ultimate freedom as you can go when you want, where you want and at a budget you can afford,” says Monica. “You and only you get to decide.”

“You have only yourself to rely on, which can seem scary but it is also invigorating.”

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So, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole world out there, just waiting to be explored…

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