Middle East Trips

Why Middle East?

Ancient and sacred, enchanting and complex; there’s no greater story than that of the Middle East.

Everywhere you turn in the Middle East, you’ll see traces of empires past: the Rose City of Petra, the pyramids of Giza, the storied valleys of Jordan. The Middle East has plenty to offer for the cultured explorer, and you’ll find cities here which are more than ideal for a short escape.

But there’s enough to intrigue those of you looking for an off-grid adventure, too. We’re talking about a region spanning rippling deserts, rich coastlines, snow-capped mountains and rugged canyons. There’s Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, with its striking red dunes; the turquoise waters of Wadi Shab in Oman; the rocky valleys of Eastern Turkey; the deserts of Egypt, hiding ancient treasures.

Wherever you go, rest assured: the Middle East is a region of unexpected surprises, and one that we think you’ll keep returning to.

Middle East Facts

From cuisine to landscapes, here are a few things you should know about the Middle East


The Middle East’s population is over 411 million people, with an area spanning Turkey, Lebanon, Iran and the Gulf countries. Iran boasts the largest population, with 82 million people, whilst the least populated is Bahrain, with 1.3 million people.


Mesopotamia (now Iraq, Syria and Turkey) was an ancient kingdom from which several world-changing inventions originated. The wheel, agriculture, the written word and mathematics are just a few examples.


The Middle Eastern diet typically consists of rice, olive oil, lamb, dried fruits and plenty of vegetables. You’ll see that classic dishes are shared across borders, to the extent that the ‘hummus wars’ are a real phenomenon.


The major innovations of the Middle East owed a great deal to the region’s landscape: the Fertile Crescent, which runs from Israel to Iran, is a lush and fruitful terrain which allowed agriculture to flourish.


Travel to the Middle East, and you’ll find sand cats, oryx (a type of antelope), gazelles and the beautiful desert lynx all native here. You might also encounter Arabian species of leopard, red fox, wild cats and jackals.

Our Middle East trips

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